August 30, 2015

Girls In Madras Begins!

Confession: Last year, I designed the graphics for this blog and registered the domain “Girls in Madras” but just as I was ready to hit the 'upload' button, my desire to blog about bright and preppy things was blotted out by calamity, namely, an illness that resulted in my having to undergo a year of medical tests and finally, abdominal surgery. Now that I’ve fully recovered, I’m excited to begin this journey of taste with you!

But first, a few things you should know about me…

1. I believe that one of the greatest healthy-self-image-fostering rituals is laughing at your own expense. I intend to explore some of the devices of self-parody and satire from time to time on this blog.

2. As a member of a generation consumed with a desire for displaying the recurring refinements and peculiarities of their taste on social media, I hope to inspire intelligent and witty conversation about the things we like.

3. When I realized my stack of madras skirts could become an allegory for unfettered materialism, I decided that naming my blog “Girls in Madras” was a respectable way to justify their existence.

4. This is a lifestyle blog, so naturally, I'm going to list some of the brands I would be caught dead wearing…

· Cape Madras—Have the “fun skirts” in almost every pattern.  
· Just Madras—Nautical motifs and sailor stripes galore. About as classic summer prep as it gets.
· Castaway Clothing—Part of the Murray’s Toggery Shop family (Grandpa invented Nantucket Reds), this company has genuine prep cred, which is hard to come by these days.
· Sail to Sable—Clean lines, lots of navy and tweed, what I’d wear shopping on 5th Ave.
· Devon Baer—a designer who’s truly mastered the art of tunics.
· Two Bees Cashmere—cashmere sweaters with nautical inlay motifs. Discovering this brand was one of the highlights of my prep life.
· Cortland Park Cashmere—discovered this brand last summer on the Vineyard (yeah, I know how cliché that sounds). They’ve expanded the notion of “a classic cashmere sweater” by adding unexpected details like tortoiseshell horn buttons and inlaid motifs on the back and elbows as opposed to the chest.
· Jo Malone—British perfume that oddly encapsulates the American imagination of British taste and personality. Refined yet straightforward and a little old-fashioned.

5. Summer is a family name (my grandmother's maiden name). 

6. I’m a needlepoint artist. Some people can calculate the distance between the person standing next to them and Jupiter in seconds and I end up with the anachronistic talent of creating something pretty with thread.

7. I love to pretend that I know exactly what I’m doing at all times. Don’t be fooled.

8. Writing the truth is more important to me than a large readership. I simply refuse to compromise my integrity as a blogger by blindly endorsing 'preppy' brands or products that have compromised the quality of their products for profit. That said, this blog is not devoted to criticism—it’s devoted to interesting product/company histories, cultural amusements, and a little escapism through manufactured beauty. Hope you enjoy!