September 28, 2015

Fall is Catalog Season!

Today, I finally had a chance to peruse the pile of catalogs that have been trickling in since August. The bibliophile in me believes that a quality home shopping experience begins with an inspiring plot. To me, a catalog is the visual narrative of a store’s product line—they place products into their proper irreproducible context and stir up feelings of domestic inadequacy (i.e. how can I get my Thanksgiving table to look like THAT?), which often dissolve into the wise resolution of marketing: the ‘friends and family’ sale.

Today is the last day of Vineyard Vines’ friends and family sale! Sale ends at midnight ET. 

It’s beginning to look a lot like fall, and I can’t help but do a bit of early Christmas shopping when the first flakes of tweed and plaid touch down. Kevin’s Fine Outdoor Gear and Apparel offers smashingly brilliant gifts for the Frontier Anglophile, such as tweed hacking jackets, shooting shirts, field boots, and a range of hunting-inspired barware and monogrammed serveware (view catalog online). 

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