February 4, 2016

Society Social Photoshoot!

So far, far behind in updates…my apologies. Without further delay, I will resume as though no time has passed. Although, I must say it's been a thrilling few months. Days, weeks, then months were seized by new professional endeavors, a newfound (or reborn, rather) interest in decorating, and a return to Pilates since my surgery! And of course, I wouldn't think of returning without a Big Announcement: Roxy Owens, owner of Society Social, has offered me an exciting opportunity to showcase my decor style via The Social DiaryI have much to do in preparation for the photo shoot, which will take place Feb 18. 

If decorating with Palm Beach flair is your thing and you haven’t yet discovered Society Social —prepare, because your living room is about to explode with bright preppy hues and faux-bamboo. Playful yet polished, their furniture evokes a simultaneous sense of spontaneity and careful curation. As the name suggests, SS draws a great deal of inspiration from the swanky social gatherings that recurred in midcentury living rooms. I love a room that strongly references midcentury socialization; festive ambiance, plenty of chic seating, and a faux bamboo bar cart ready for cocktail hour. The SS studio is located in NYC and all furniture is made to order in North Carolina. 

As you may well know, barcarts, a midcentury social staple, have made a big comeback. Roxy’s intimate understanding of the realm of the hostess is more evident than ever in her bar cart designs. Here’s a glimpse of my Sedgewick bar cart, which will be photographed and discussed in more detail very soon (along with my other amazing SS pieces!). 

A proper home bar is something every stylish grown-up home should have. Plus, styling a home bar gives you the perfect excuse to spend hours on Etsy in pursuit of fabulous vintage barware