April 13, 2016

My Jewelry Box: Meg Carter Designs

Meg’s designs are immediately recognizable for their distinctive use of natural materials; seashells and tassels dance playfully along strands of semi-precious stones, cloisonnĂ© fish and coral fingers dangle effortlessly from gold-plated rings. I’m having a major drool fest over these pieces below—I wish could buy them all at once!! 

Meg’s desire to design was sparked when her son’s hermit crab moved out of his shell. Unable to part with the beautiful shell, she and her father drilled two tiny holes on each side and attached it a pearl necklace. The necklace got so many compliments that she decided to make more—and voila!— her part time hobby became a business. Thirteen years later, her jewelry can be found in upscale boutiques from Nantucket to Naples.