May 25, 2016

Family Vacation in Naples, FL

My traveler’s horizon has recently been expanded thanks to my family’s decision to climb out of our lovely little Martha’s Vineyard rut, in which we’ve remained for the past 10 or so summers. Spring in Naples, FL was a refreshing change for us, as we’re not known to stray from our deep-rooted traditions. We loved the relaxed yet chic atmosphere of Naples so much that it may just be the sight of another delightful rut (not complaining).

This Lilly Pulitzer shift encompasses everything I love about Florida style: hot pink and bright green, pineapples, and bamboo details. As a Lilly loyalist, visiting all three stores in the area was at the top of my agenda—and I appreciated each one's unique details. C. Orrico has one of the prettiest shop exteriors I’ve ever seen. I love the webs of ivy climbing up the yellow stucco exterior. And those French balconies! 

All the dressing rooms at the Waterside store have these amazing shell-adorned walls and ceilings. 

Rows of colorful stucco shops line the broad white sidewalks like wedding candy buffets. How incredible is this coral stucco J. McLaughlin storefront? The clock, the planters, the palms…every detail has been attended to. 

Jane’s Café’s Royal Coronation Chicken was, by far, the best curry salad I’ve ever tasted. I’m definitely going to experiment in my kitchen a bit in hopes of recreating the recipe. Of course, I don’t expect to match the exact quality or taste….

But the salad was only half of it.

My mom and I lunched in this courtyard next to this magnificent antique fountain with floating lilly pads. The feel, however, was oddly quaint, even in the presence of something so striking and impressive. If you visit Naples, you have to eat at Jane’s Café.

My real life will probably never be as sublime as my stay at the Edgewater Beach Hotel. That’s a good thing, really, since beautiful terraces, bellboys in Bermuda shorts, and the whirring of blenders liquifying fruit would likely bring my productive mornings to an end. 

The mid-century lover in me found so much joy in photographing its 60-ish architecture and Slim Aarons-esque pools—classic Florida vintage to the end! Yep, this was definitely one of my best hotel stays ever.

Just say the word “seersucker” and I’ll immediately ask “where?” There’s nothing quite as classic as those little stripes. I bought this J. Crew seersucker bathing suit last spring and if memory serves, it sold out in days (eek!). The style is simple, elegant, and slightly casual—perfect for a relaxing day at the beach. I’m tempted to buy this one and this one next!