July 7, 2016

4th of July Weekend Recap

I moved to a lovely historic suburb from a more urban area of my city almost a year ago and I must say, I haven't felt this at home since I lived with my parents. The moment I step outside my building, I’m surrounded by quaintness; historic houses, hydrangea shrubs, window boxes, a walkable downtown, an elementary school…In this setting, an apartment building seems almost out of place, which is why I think I feel so at home here. And what better way to fully savor the beauty of my surroundings than to throw a mini backyard bash for the 4th?

Independence Day in my town is no joke. I’m talking parades, a 3-day long carnival, fireworks, block parties, cookouts, and stunningly patriotic houses. I was literally drowning in red, white, and blue. I figured I’d capitalize on my town’s impressive patriotism and invite a few friends over for a tour of my neighborhood + festive food and strawberry champagne slushies in my “backyard.” 

I hope this post inspires you to make the most of your surroundings this summer!