July 19, 2016

End of Summer Sale Season is Here!

July has absolutely flown by! I’ve been spending the last few weeks learning the ins and outs of my new Nikon D3300, working with an artist on my site’s redesign (more details soon!), planning a fall coastal tour of Maine, and snatching up some these blue and white goodies (all on sale!).

As you've probably noticed, there have been some mad sales this month: Amazon Prime Day, Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale (which is still going strong), and countless “end of season” sales. I'll admit, I feel a bit torn between the pre-fall sales and the end of season sales—a perfect storm for overspending—but I simply can’t resist adding a few more blue and white pieces to my wardrobe (I mean, there's still a month left of summer!). 

Here's a round up my 30 favorite blue and white sale items from various online retailers. Happy shopping! 

one  //  two //  three //  four //  five // six //  seven //  eight //  nine //  ten

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