August 17, 2016

An Ode To Summer: My Fall Shopping List

I’m not going to lie; I shudder at the thought of packing away all my cute summer dresses, floppy hats, and straw bags. But if there’s one thing that can entice me out of a post-summer slump, it’s fall clothing. With every crisp morning and crunchy step (nothing more gratifying than flattening a pile of autumn leaves with your riding boots, amiright?) comes a level of style that no sundress or pair of sandals could match. There are many reasons to favor fall, not the least of which is fabric.

Tweed jackets and cashmere sweaters are what fall was invented for. But while I firmly favor fall’s richer textures and smarter footwear, I live for summer’s nautical stripes, bright colors, and crisp white denim. When it comes to fashion and life, I feel that—in Albert Camus’ lovely words—“within me there lay an invincible summer.” So for me, fall fashion means continually finding new ways to combine the essential components of my summer style with classic fall colors and patterns. And, of course, lots and lots of navy. Never too much navy.

The results are almost always swagtastic. White jeans look incredible with chunky sweaters and ankle boots; nautical tees can be easily autumnized with a button-down, blazer, and/or wool skirt; and J.Crew’s new hot pink Rhodes blazer is but one of the innumerable ways to sneak bright colors into your fall palette. 

Sure, we’re still in the throes of summer heat, but it’s never too early—in my opinion— to strategize your fall wardrobe. Plus, seeing how all my favorite stores reinvent the fall (and summer!) classics makes the transition a more exciting time for me. And I'd like to share that excitement with you in the form of a shopping list. Here's a sneak peak of the items I'm scooping up for fall...