August 25, 2016

Eckert's Farm: Apple Picking

Apple picking is a labor I look forward to every year. As a kid, my mom would take me to Eckert’s Farm just before it was time to go back to school. After gathering basketloads of Galas and Honey Crisps, we’d spend hours in the kitchen making apple butter for all my teachers, friends, and family. It was her (brilliant) strategy for getting me excited about fall and starting school. I have just as much fun going to Eckerts now as I did back then. I missed the boat for strawberry and blueberry picking this summer, but I wasn’t about to miss the first sweet apples of apple season.

I’ve scheduled a few more trips to the orchard this fall and hopefully, I’ll be able to fit in some peach picking before then too. 

It was a warm, humid day, so I went with a loose-fitting summer dress I bought years ago at Nordstrom. Not what I’d normally wear apple picking …but it was the best option I could think of for a late summer trip to the orchard. I can’t wait to go back in cooler weather (and in something more autumn-ish, like this corduroy skirt from J.Crew).  

I couldn't think of a better way to break in my red Hunter Tour boots. I own four pairs of Hunters now and counting, but these are hands down my favorite. The best part about them (aside from their perfect apple-red color) is their packability. Compared to the originals, they're much lighter, which makes a huge difference when packing for a trip.

This hat. Not only does it keep the sun off my face, it hides my crazy, frizzy hair without looking as though it’s there just to hide my crazy, frizzy hair…as it’s so darn cute!

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