August 11, 2016

My First iPad!!

Thankfully, I can’t see the weird looks I’m expecting to get when I post this…
Call me a late bloomer, but I’ve never felt the need to buy my non-techie self an iPad—until now. I blame it on my college lit professors who’d give some students (always non-lit majors) the stink eye whenever they’d bring e-readers to class. And let me just say that as a former lit student, I’m a more carnal than courtly lover to my books…scruffy marginalia and all. #heathenreader It’s with great reluctance and bashfulness that I lend out a book from my personal library. 

While technology could never civilize my wonderfully eccentric habit of “conversing” with my books in their margins (and sometimes outside), gone are the days of turning red whenever a stranger glances down at my crumpled and defaced copy of Middlemarch. I’ve always known the iPad is so much more than an e-reader, but I couldn’t seem to get past the memory of those fierce anti-tech-culture glares—until now.

My reader’s piety has finally been corrupted by the convenience of not having to lug around a bagful of books, newspapers, and magazines Every. Single. Trip. And as mentioned, the iPad is more than a mere e-reader. I’m not much of a gamer but I do love tv and film (who doesn’t) and I’m positive I’ll make use of all the other first world luxuries it offers. I’m already dreaming up future posts… Top Antiquarian Book Collector Apps, Favorite Literary Podcasts, The Best British Literature Games and Puzzles. Caveat: I must geek out every now and then.

Technophobia aside, let’s consider all the absolutely adorable ways I can defy that distant nagging of my professors' paper book elitism... #itsgoodtobebad

{Casetify; iPad cover by DorinaNemeskeri}

{Casetify; iPad cover by H.Nichols Illustration}

{Casetify; iPad cover by Wonder Forest}

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