September 28, 2016

Corduroy At The Pumpkin Patch

It’s here. Fall is here. Sweaters out of storage? Done. Pumpkins on my doorstep? That too. Now if the leaves would just change color and fall off the trees so I can start crunching them with my new boots

If you happen to live in one of those magical places where every autumn is perfectly brisk, golden-tinged, and Insta-worthy, I envy you. As a resident of a southern Midwestern state, I’m not entirely unfamiliar with warm, dry, colorless autumns. The-leaves-are-green-well-into-November-then-abruptly-turn-brown-and-fall-off autumns. The-I’m-so-desperate-for-a-wardobe-change-that-I’ll-turn-up-the-air conditioning-so-I-can-wear-a-sweater autumns. The past two years have brought autumns like this. But guys, this year is different. I can feel it, smell it. I have a Loralai-level ability to predict an exceptional autumn (if you’re an avid watcher of the television show Gilmore Girls, you will understand this) and I’m holding my breath for a radiant October.

I’ve already broken out my staples: corduroy skirt, puffer vest, gingham button down, leather bag, and riding boots (similar). And get this: I went pumpkin picking yesterday in my new corduroy skirt and corduroy-trimmed vest (don’t you just love the ginger brown color? So delicious! I kinda felt like a piece of pumpkin bread). If that’s not enough to invoke the autumn color change, then perhaps these unusually brisk days we’ve been having will do the trick.