September 4, 2016

Let's Talk Bar Carts!

I can hardly believe it’s been seven months since my Society Social apartment tour…how time flies! I’ve made some pretty big updates to my apartment since then and in honor of this kickback holiday, I’d like to begin my updated apartment tour with a tour of my home bar plus a few styling tips to get you in the hosting mood. 

Ahhh bar carts. They’ve been the “it” home entertaining item for some time now, and my quest to find the perfect one was what led me to discover Society Social—and the rest is history! There’s a definite art to styling bar carts and also some rules for keeping them classy. For the past year or so, I’ve been the proud owner of the highly sought-after Sedgewick bar cart, and I like to think I’ve developed a knack for selecting the right hopefully these tips will inspire! 

1. Organize it

Collections of bar essentials can easily get out of control and the last thing you want is a messy cart. Best way to reduce visual clutter? Invest in some pretty trays! Trays are a beautiful way to corral and organize your liquor, decorative items, bar tools, and decanters. I recently added this eye-catching metal serving tray to my cart and I LOVE how it instantly Palm Beach-ifies my liquor display.

2. Be picky

Ideally, your bar cart should suit just about all of your impromptu hosting needs…BUT, temping as it is to flaunt every entertaining piece you own, your cart won’t look as curated if you do. Only the most essential tools and booze needed for a few guests should be present, which means—it’s time to get picky! Display only your prettiest bottles (if they happen to match your cart’s décor, all the better!) and decant the liquor in your less attractive bottles. Choose a few types of glasses to showcase—only those needed for signature cocktails—and store the rest. The upside to this challenging (in my opinion!) rule is that it encourages you to experiment with different looks. Since you can’t (or shouldn’t) fit everything in, what’s on display may change from month to month…a rather easy fix for us restless decorators!

3. Channel your inner collector

Half the fun of styling a cart is gathering bright, fun artwork that screams every hour is happy hour. I’ve been collecting watercolors for years and my cart is the perfect piece to anchor my little gallery (or, rather, my gallery is the perfect anchor for my bar cart). A gallery wall will draw all eyes to your cart and make it feel more like a designated party space.

4. Personalize it

Bar carts are the perfect excuse to start a whole new collection of monogrammed goods. Ice buckets. Decanters. Cocktail napkins. Guest towels. Coasters. Trays. It’s impossible to not get carried away! I recently discovered Hempstead Thread on a routine Etsy browse and from the moment I added their stunning ginger jar applique guest towel to my bar cart, I've been obsessed with acquiring elaborate monograms. 

5. Accent it 

Well-appointed bar carts are more than cocktail stations. Lamps, plants, books, candles, side seating, and decorative objects can help integrate your bar into your living space. Some things I love to see on or next to bar carts… a fancy garden stool or side chair piled high with books, flower-filled cashepots, a favorite pair of designer shoes, a beautiful table lamp, brass pineapples, animal sculptures, too-pretty-to-eat snacks, and glittery party hats.

Hope you all have a fabulous and responsibly booze-tastic holiday weekend! Cheers!!