September 21, 2016

Library Days Are Back!

Somewhere in my young adulthood, my passion for libraries faded. Maybe all the hours I spent sifting through the dark, lonely, underworldly regions of my university's stacks did me in. Or maybe it was all the menacing overdue notices I received during senior year. Whatever the reason, I haven't had a proper library experience since college. 

But yesterday, something awesome happened. A last-minute, got-nothing-else-to-do decision to visit my local library reignited my passion for (physical) book browsing. It had been years since I’d visited a public library, but I felt at home as soon as I walked in. I ran straight to a row of old books and immediately yanked one out to inhale its lovely almond-like scent. Paradise regained! 

Truth be told, my enthusiasm for online book shopping is starting to wane. I miss the wonder of wandering among rows and rows of books and the feeling of being surrounded by history. I miss the picturesque sight of old books neatly lined up on shelves. And I miss the slightly overconfident folly of checking out more books than I can handle reading. Ahh libraries. I’d be lost without you.

What do you love most about libraries? 

I’m having a ruffle moment, if you can’t tell. They can turn an otherwise plain pencil skirt into something flirty and faintly mermaid-like. And don’t even get me started on the blouse. It deserves a long, impassioned ode, but for brevity’s sake, let me just say that it looks smart and flirty (a tough look to achieve), especially when paired with a pencil skirt. More ruffles with piping, please! Caveat: the blouse is no longer available online (it sold out in, like, two days!) but you can still find it in J. Crew stores, so hurry up and grab one before they’re all gone!

I am totally smitten with this ostrich-patterned leather crossbody from Banana Republic. The small-ish size makes it a perfect fall evening bag and seriously, it looks like it cost a lot more than $138.

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