October 10, 2016

Sunday In The Park With Janie

I can’t resist sharing these photos from yesterday's outing with my Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Janie. I brought little Janie home exactly 4 years ago and—gah!—this is her first time on the blog! I can’t believe I waited so long to share her with you guys.  

Janie and I started our journey together during what I would call the worst of times. I was a recent college grad looking for a job. I’d just moved back to the states from rural England and was struggling to settle back into my urban American life. I was trying to reconnect with my country, my friends, my city. And yet, all I wanted to do was surround myself with aspects of the culture I’d been so immersed in. So there I was, longing for the sheep-speckled hills of Oxfordshire from my high-rise apartment in St. Louis. Typical postgrad dilemma. 


Janie not only helped me cope with my reverse homesickness (I mean, what better way to commemorate my time in the English countryside than by getting a corgi?), she helped me meet some amazing people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. I’ll be the first to admit: instant popularity is one of the most significant advantages of being a corgi parent. Be it their irresistible cuteness or exuberant disposition, corgis garner a startling amount of attention on the streets.

If you're ready for the responsibility of dog ownership, I highly recommend this breed. But be warned: wonderful as they are, corgis are very smart, bossy, confident little dogs. To raise a well-behaved corgi, you pretty much have to adopt the corgi personality yourself! There is one crucial area of relief in a corgi-human partnership, though: Trainability. Corgis are attentive, quick, and eager to learn, which makes them a fantastic breed for first-time dog owners.

OH have you guys seen Tuckernuck’s October lifestyle guide? The hunting dogs, the horses, the gentleman, the clothes…so perfect! I was, and still am, swooning over their September guide too, which is where I found this cable knit sweater and ivory check scarf. Such cozy textures! And my field boots? By my second day in Oxfordshire, I knew I'd need a good pair of rubber boots —and I didn’t have to go far. I picked them up at a country outfitter in a nearby village. And...five years later, they're still my rubber boot of choice. So comfy, and I love their earthy green color. What can I say, I love country chic! 

                               Sweater // jeans (similar) // scarf // boots // hat