December 5, 2016

Holiday Decor, Simplified

The holidays hardly encourage simplicity. And yet, it’s the small, simple pleasures that make them meaningful for me. I’ll admit, I’ve been known to approach the holidays with an extensive checklist (anyone else have a graveyard of unfinished projects?). But this year, I’m limiting myself to just a few simple projects I can thoroughly embrace. 

Bar Cart Decor + DIY Garland

There’s no need to replace every object on your cart (or console, or table…) with a Christmas decoration. The idea is to add little holiday touches throughout your home that complement its overall style. With my preexisting color scheme in mind, I popped into Hobby Lobby on a hunt for some ribbon and stumbled across this sparkly lime green knitting yarn—perfect for a DIY garland project!

For the garland: All you need is shaggy yarn, ribbon and scissors. Make two equal lengths of yarn strands and twist them together, friendship bracelet style. You can make it fuller by adding a third strand, and you can even weave in another color. Pop on a bow and you're good to go. Super easy!

                                  bar cart  // similar monkey dish // guest towel

Hot Cocoa Tray

I’m as guilty as the next person of ogling those decked-to-the-max hot chocolate carts on Pinterest. But for the sake of saving time, a simple hot cocoa tray will do!



Console Décor

I decided to forgo a full-sized tree this year, mostly because I’ll be spending Christmas with my parents and helping them decorate their tree. And, I have two upcoming trips this month (San Francisco next weekend, yay!), so not a lot of time to hunt for or make a tree load of ornaments. If you don’t want to commit to a full-sized tree, tabletop topiaries are the perfect solution (I got mine here). And, if you need to whip up a Christmasy centerpiece in a jiffy, just fill a pretty bowl with ornaments. Again, simple with a big impact.

       DIY Chinoiserie Ornaments

I bought some round white ornaments in late November, thinking I’d have plenty of time to practice drawing various chinoiserie designs. I’m glad I started fairly early, because drawing on slick round surfaces is not easy. Turns out, I have a knack for it (or so I’m told), and maybe you do too—never know til you try! I still need to add bows and finish up my drawings on the small ornaments, but this is what I have so far…

Supplies: round white or pearly ornaments (I found mine at Hobby Lobby), one brush-tipped sharpie (great for symbols) and a fine tipped Sharpie for more detailed drawings (like pagodas). 

Start at the top of the ornament and work your way down. If it’s not perfect, don’t fret—they’re not supposed to look manufactured. Be very careful not to smudge your design! Give each section time to dry (or just start a second ornament while the first one dries!). When you’re finished, add a gingham or plaid ribbon that complements the colors in your design.

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