March 24, 2017

Spring Wishlist

Happy spring everyone!! Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been so busy with work, the blog redesign, and my new exercise routine {which is totally kicking my butt!} that I’ve barely noticed the time lapse between Valentine’s Day and the start of spring—although you can fill in this gap by visiting my Instagram. But now that warmer, photo-friendlier weather has arrived, and my new design is alllmost complete {fingers crossed!}, I’m feeling extra pressure to get on a consistent blogging schedule.

This redesign has been quite the endeavor and it’s one of the bigger challenges I’ve experienced since launching Girls in Madras. I won’t go into specifics in this post because I don’t want to jinks it (ha!), but let me just say that if there’s one thing to know about the design world, it’s that every project will have its own process and timeline—and websites, even the small ones, aren’t usually whipped out in one week. It can take up to six months or more to complete, so patience is key. But OH MAN am I giddy with anticipation for this new blog and blogging season!

What’s got me so excited? Well, my mom and I have planned a mini girls trip to Palm Beach, which will take place during our family’s usual holiday in Naples {a vacation within a vacation!}, and we’re staying at the historic Brazilian Court Hotel!! This hotel has been on my bucket list since forever and I’m beyond thrilled to share the experience with my mom/best friend.

Also, I’ve really cut down on my spending these past few months {saving for a few big things like wallpaper, curtains, and a chandelier} and I have a feeling that when I get to Dixie Highway in Palm Beach, my mindset will be that of a freshman in her first week of college. So between now and then, I’ll try not to cheat on my budget and snatch up all the items in this roundup {all of which are on my spring wishlist!} …