April 10, 2017

A Picnic With Marich Chocolates

With picnic season right around the corner, it seemed nothing short of serendipitous that Marich Chocolates asked me to taste test several packages of chocolate covered goodies. I’d been looking for a festive treat to boost my picnic basket and keep on hand to use as hostess gifts—something snack-sized in pretty packaging that tastes amazing—and these chocolates tick all the boxes!

I was so tempted to rip open and sample all the packages of chocolate the second they arrived! It’s pretty hard to resist a box filled with brightly colored packages of dark chocolate salted caramels, espresso beans, salted cashews, milk chocolate toffee almonds, and blueberries dipped in white and dark chocolate. Mmmm. Good thing I had enough self-restraint that day to save them for this picnic post. Well, almost. I liked the blueberries so much that I unwittingly ate them all beforehand (can you blame me?), so I figured I’d better wait until after the shoot to sample the rest!

Personally, I find a lot of milk chocolate overly sweet and a lot of dark chocolate overly bitter. It’s all about balance for me, which is why I’m so in love with Marich’s slightly sweeter, buttery take on dark chocolate. I normally wouldn’t describe dark chocolate as heavenly but Marich’s version is truly in that realm. The texture is silky smooth and the flavor is genuinely sweet but not cloying. Good for the heart, and way tastier than plain old bitter dark chocolate!

And did I mention their candies are bite-sized? Hello, trail mix! Any of these chocolates are welcome in my trail mix, but I’m partial to the salted cashews and blueberries. Ohhh the blueberries and cashews! I’m not playing favorites here, but…they were the first to disappear. I like a little more chocolate in my nut to chocolate/fruit to chocolate ratio and these did not disappoint! The cashews were perfectly sweet, a little salty, and surprisingly easy to bite into. And the blueberries were, uh, gone in ten minutes. *grin*

The rich, creamy, not-too-chewy salted caramels were the next to go! Side note: I can’t stand overly chewy caramel because it gets stuck in my teeth (ew!). Then there were the dark chocolate espresso beans. I saved them for the next morning to pair with my coffee and wow. I didn’t think I’d like anything as fierce as an espresso bean with my chocolate but these were fabulous! The chocolate layer seemed to have a bit more vigor than the chocolate layers on the other treats, which, combined with the espresso beans, really powered up my day!  

Last but certainly not to be ignored are the milk chocolate toffee almonds. Milk chocolate tends to run a bit too sweet for my taste buds but Marich hits the mark again in the flavor balance department. And I loved the crunchy almond paired with the buttery toffee! I’d never tried the two together and now I’m hooked!

I can’t find anything negative to say about these chocolates, except that maybe they should come with a warning. Something like: You will eat the whole bag!